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Please use the dropdown pickers below to see a small selection of different examples of our work.

  • Viennese bronze stag and deer
  • Antique Viennese Bronze Stag
  • Antique Bronze Stag On Marble Inkwell
  • Jade Vase With Lid
  • Antique Bronze Stag
  • Paule Bisman Naiade Sculpture
  • Antique White Marble Lady Sculpture
  • Guilt Metal Rococo Mirror
  • Victorian Era Terrcotta Dancer
  • Aphrodite of Melos Antique Bronze Bust
  • Pair of Antique guilt bronze marble lamps
  • Antique bronze man with instrument statue
  • Victorian Bronze Lamp
  • Original Artwork by St. John Mulholland
  • Small Victorian picture of boats on the water
  • Antique Brass wall lantern